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Whether your goals are to expand innovation, grow revenue, control costs or all-of-the-above you need to build a strong foundation of learning.

Leadership Development

A leadership development program is almost always very important for any business and its growth. Great leaders not only provide

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Agile Capabilities

Disruption and change are happening faster than ever.

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Learning Organization

Mindset180 offer their services as an organizational change

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Our Values

We believe that organizational transformation is not a special initiative. It is the

Customer success is the key to our own. Listen, learn and offer solutions to their most challenging problems. Never, never try to sell them something they don’t need.

Agile transformations come in all shapes and sizes. There is no room for dogma and brand loyalty. Do what is best for the customer at a pace that allows them to succeed.

Limit context switching by keeping a minimum number of clients concurrently. They deserve our full attention for as long as we are needed.

Always be prepared for change, an aircraft carrier can only be moved one degree at a time. Stay small and rely on our own agility to adjust to changing conditions.

requre arrerent solutions.we will help you choose a path that is right for you and not based upon pre-conceived bias.

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The Multi-channel Organization Transformation Framework (MOTiF) was designed to provide the groundwork needed to build essential capabilities to achieve your organization’s objectives.


Learning Organization


Agile Capabilities


Leadership Development


Value Generation


Change Management

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