Mindset180 offer their services as an organizational change management consultant. The organization is at the core of nearly everything we do at Mindset180. When armed with the right organizational design, companies can change the trajectory of their businesses and deliver lasting competitive advantage. Our organization consultants don’t use a traditional, top-down process to shape your organization for you. Rather, we work with you to ready your business for the future through new approaches, organization models, and tools that put the power of organizational transformation in the hands of your leaders resulting in effective organizational change management.

Mindset180’s distributed approach to organization design puts managers throughout the organization at the center of the redesign process and delivers better results by empowering them to shape their teams. This approach makes it easy for hundreds of designers to work together cohesively while redesigning thousands of positions.

Our custom tools give managers an intuitive, secure, and scalable platform on which to perform distributed organization design. They can be customized to give fast access to the specific data needed in order to meet an organization’s objective. Mindset180 is uniquely positioned to assist clients in creating the right organizational context. Our approach to organizational change consulting offers a clear path forward for executives who are faced with intensifying competition, evolving business models, and complex technologies.

With our systematic problem solving, regular experimentation, and a desire to keep on learning not just from others but also from past knowledge we believe that we can offer the best consultation for organizational change.