Disruption and change are happening faster than ever. Traditional ways no longer enable sustainable success. Your ability to innovate, learn, adapt, and execute faster determines your future. This is where your company’s agile business capabilities come into play. We at Mindset180 help you achieve Business Agility by enhancing core capabilities including New Ways of Working, Cultural Transformation and Accelerated Execution. We create the right mindset, infuse new capabilities, and empower your future.

Leading organizations are leveraging Business Agility to help drive future success with the help of agile capability consulting. The challenge is, this is a relatively new concept that lacks standard, proven approaches making the path forward less clear. We partner with leaders to help them understand which approach(es) are best suited for their organization and guide them along their journey from start to finish.

Business Agility transformations can be extremely complex and disruptive to organizations if they are not planned well and executed effectively. We create comprehensive roadmaps, addressing all components involved in the transformation, including helping you effectively execute. We provide you visibility into your entire journey and the confidence necessary to succeed. At Mindset180 we offer scaled agile academy certification which is a Professional Certification Program that provides a valid, reliable, and consistent method of assessing SAFe skills, knowledge, and mindset. Hence, you know for a fact that you are getting what you need with scalable results.

Having the right mindset and desire to learn new ways of working is a great start to having better business agility, however it’s often not enough. In order to achieve high levels of success, you need experts to guide you along the way.

With our agile consulting and coaching, we train, coach, and mentor leadership and team members to succeed in their new or expanded roles and provide platforms for them to measure performance and continuously improve.