We provide consulting and training services in a variety of disciplines. Services include, assessments, training classes, consulting and coaching customized to suit your current needs.
Some of the services we provide include the following:

Learning Organization

  • Systematic Problem Solving
  • Experimentation
  • Learning from others
  • Learning from Past Knowledge
  • Transfer Measuring learning
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Leadership Development

  • Leadership training,
  • Individual Development plans,
  • One-on-one and group coaching,
  • Transformational Leadership development
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Agile Capabilities

  • Scaling Frameworks – SAFe
  • Kanban – Lean flow
  • Scrum
  • Other agile methodologies
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Value Generation

  • Value stream identification/mapping
  • Portfolio/Product Management
  • Lean Startup
  • Building Initiatives
  • Exploration
  • Design thinking
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Technical Acumen

  • Test first
  • Test automation
  • DevOps
  • Architecture
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