Selling cars, but having a passive income epiphany.

So I have this new job selling cars.

I play the part of the Jack-in-the-box running to the manager for every little thing. It’s not quite that bad. Way back before I developed websites I sold cars. When I burned out on developing websites I went back to selling cars. Then I did the man with a van thing for umpteen years because I owed the IRS a ton of money and didn’t have the brains to deal with it. FYI, that’s what tax lawyers are for…

Now I’m back to selling cars. No complaints. There’s a lot to be said for getting paid on a W2. I’ll take a W2 any day over a freelance gig with negligent financial control.

So anyway, what am I babbling about? Passive income. I always like having a plan B. Damn near quit my job yesterday. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a backup plan, know what I mean?┬áSelling crap on ebay and amazon? Maybe. I have accounts for that but that’s a pretty demanding gig. Not exactly passive. You get an order, you need to get right on it. Shipping, posting, sourcing, it’s a lot of work, for a bit of chump change.

What am I going to do for passive income? That’s the question.

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