Neil Patel article may help me write more

I ran into this article on Facebook by Neil Patel on writers block for copywriters. I want to write and I have some blogs but they’ve been dormant, never gained any traction to begin with, they’re unfocused and have no purpose.

The big question has to be why.

Why do I want to write? About what? Who am I? I’m like this hovering, treading thought form that wants to do something but feels frustrated because there’s one path, then another, then another. I want to improve my life but until I find a way to improve the lives of others, I think it’s going to be tough to improve my own life.

Things may not be as bleak as they seem. True enough, I feel like I’m off-track and lacking direction, but deep inside there are preferences and desires. It’s time to get back in touch with my core. Do I have a purpose? What is it? How do I find it? It’s time to figure out the questions, then find the answers.

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