Organizational transformation does not come from a single initiative effort. Success comes from creating a culture of continuous and incremental growth and evolution.

To create that culture, it begins with taking new actions that become new organizational norms. Those new norms form the new culture.

Mindset180’s approach to creating a transformational culture helps to establish new habits at all levels of an organization to plan, implement, validate and measure change and improvement across any size enterprise.

The Multi-channel Organizational Transformation Framework (MOTiF) introduces a set of patterns to connect change initiatives with business drivers, establish roles and responsibilities for leadership and execution of large and small efforts. It leverages rapid feedback loops to connect the initiatives to the execution using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

In addition, it incorporates elements from agile and lean startup to create incremental completion of valuable, continuous improvement.

We use this framework in conjunction with our professional services to help your organization implement steps to becoming a learning organization and to build your capabilities in leadership, agile, value generation and technical acumen.