This is a journal entry that belongs on this blog. I’ve been trying to define this blog thinking it was related to generating passive income but habits are the most defining elements of my life. Since default habits require no effort, the 180 of that is to distill habits down to a workable process. Foolproof would be better but let’s be realistic.

A habit is a repeated routine that begins with a cue.

What is the cue? Think about that. A cue is not necessarily a specific event. It’s an event but it can assume any number of forms. A cue is an event. A stimulus. The stimulus may be internal or external. The cue initiates a routine that delivers a benefit. The routine is an attempt to acquire a reward, benefit or target.

Evaluate the process. A cue often persists or repeats until a process or routine is initiated. The process or routine produces a result. With bad habits the result is associated with consequences. But there’s an emotional benefit. It can be subtle. Making myself feel good. Relieving pressure. Indulging in pleasure. Venting.

Isn’t it always pleasure or relief? I can rewrite the whole definition of cue, routine and reward, or explain it in my own words. Can I develop a process that recognizes a cue then overrides the automated response of a bad habit or an addiction? An addiction, is it not a bad habit that’s automated?


Craving. That’s the component. The CRAVING is for the pleasure or relief that the process delivers. Repetition creates a habit. The habit produces the craving. The craving is a notification.

Can I not experience relief immediately to crush a bad habit? What is the relief of not looking at porn, not having a smoke, not placing a wager, not eating a pastry or turning off an electronic device? What is the relief of not doing whatever the routine is? What will I SUBSTITUTE to replace the process?

Can I make a LOG? Record the events?

Follow, or define a process for one event. Right now [insert embarrassing addictive bad habit] is occupying my AWARENESS. Can I do something to remove it from my immediate scope of ATTENTION? What can I do? I can recognize that it’s in my scope of attention. I can ACKNOWLEDGE that I do have the option of activating the usual routine. I also have the option of choosing relief, do I not? A bad habit produces consequences. Why not ask, what would be better than consequences? Why not choose to move away from the consequences? I only have to make that choice this ONE TIME.

That is a revolutionary thought. This is mindset 180!!┬áJust this ONCE. Why not choose the relief? CHOOSE RELIEF. How does it feel? Maybe it hurts a little bit. What if I do it anyway? It hurts but that’s just the way it is. What if next time it hurts a little less? There’s only one way to find out. Let it hurt.

What produces more pain, persisting with the bad habit or corrective action?

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