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Contrarian Wantapreneur, skeptical of  “internet marketing gurus.” Aren’t you?

contrarian wantapreneur
Mike Collins, Wantapreneur

Trying to figure out the quickest, easiest way to make money in a portable, transparent business (PTB) takes you down a path lined with gurus. They have all the answers, for a price. They tell you how rich they are, their crappy websites consist of sales pages offering thousands of dollars of value, but if you act right now you’ll pay less than half of that! Hurry before the offer is gone because once it’s gone you’ll get an email every couple of hours telling you about another offer which is essentially the same thing, but it’s NEW! so act NOW! before this offer is gone too.

So you buy a product because you wouldn’t mind making an easy, automated $459 a day. This is just simple stuff they’re throwing out off the top of their heads because they want to help you out. To a guru, $459 is peanuts, almost too trivial to take a screenshot of.

I’m embarrassed to explain MMO when someone asks about my PTB.

Learning the craft is challenging. Even with all these gurus spelling out simple step-by-step plans to make a few hundred a day, I’m not making any money. What am I doing wrong? You’d think I’d have given up by now. That ain’t gonna happen. What will happen is I will keep at it until it works.

The Hoopty Lifestyle is an Online Offline Business

My main business is Man With A Van… mini-moves and deliveries. I need to make my new business work, on a shoestring. One advantage I have is I’m no stranger to building simple little businesses from scratch that make money immediately. I’ve done it before. The new enterprise is a bit more challenging. Because I have not made it click yet, the challenge is to hang in there until it does. I’ve also met that challenge in the past. On the other hand, the possibility of failure is real.

a different online business
The Hoopty Deux

I’m a Geek But That Doesn’t Mean I Know How to Make Money Online

I have experience building web sites. Setting up web hosting, dealing with WordPress, putting on my propeller cap with Ubuntu, firing up Gimp, and so on, not that difficult. The tech part is not the biggest challenge. Getting traffic to my blog, creating content, initiating a stream of income, outsourcing, all the stuff that matters, that’s where the time goes.

home office in the manpod
The Manpod, where the journey begins…

State of Mind Determines Business Success

Why do I call my blog mindset180? The majority of people who try to make money online WILL fail. The myth is that this is an easy business. Simple to start, make a lot of money, requires very little work. Anyone who can spare four hours a week should be able to do it, right?

The reality is more like wrestling bears or getting caught in an avalanche of hardware, software, projects and tasks that eat up the hours on the clock and, if you’re on a shoestring, whatever available dollars you can scrounge up. You have to be smart enough to know that you CAN do it if you really, really want it. For some it may come easy. Others may hit a few dead-ends before they figure it out. If you’ve ever succeeded with anything you know that success does not always come easy. That’s what separates us from the majority who FAIL! The mindset to do it, no matter what.

Maybe the best things in life ARE free, but everything else, you have to pay for. But what if I can prove it to myself? What if I can turn my blind faith into solid belief by doing it? Believing I can do it is not a wishful notion. Belief is based on proof. Setup your web hosting and believe it or not, you’re underway. Install WordPress, create a funnel, setup an email list and you begin to believe you’re getting closer. Follow the Warrior Forum, get to know people who ARE doing it, realize it’s being done, and start to believe you’ll soon be one of them. Find affiliate products that you really like, learn some traffic building strategies, keep working it day by day and you start to feel you’re so close you can taste it. And you’re working it. Your belief gets a little stronger every day. What happens when you make your first dollar? You really start to believe. One dollar turns into a hundred a day? Believe it by doing it. Belief grows from action.

Why Web Marketing as a Business?

Wouldn’t it be nice to work when I want, where I want? What I really want is freedom. The freedom to live life on MY terms. It’s the mindset that says, just do it, what’s stopping you? My dream is a Portable Transparent Business (PTB) that enables me to work without being tethered to a physical location.

Determination to Succeed

It’s the mindset that matters most. My mindset is this is what I want to do and I’ll keep at it until I succeed. The other mindset is all about excuses. What’s your mindset?


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